Rethinking Substance Abuse

What the Science Shows, and What We Should Do about It

Edited by William R. Miller and Kathleen M. Carroll

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February 15, 2006
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I. Introduction

1. Defining and Addressing the Problem, Kathleen M. Carroll and William R. Miller

2. The Forest and the Trees: Addiction as a Complex Self-Organizing System, Warren K. Bickel and Marc N. Potenza

II. Biological Factors

3. The Neurobiology of Addiction: A Hedonic Calvinist View, George F. Koob

4. What Can Human Brain Imaging Tell Us about Vulnerability to Addiction and to Relapse?, Anna Rose Childress

5. Genetics of Substance Use Disorders, Deborah Hasin, Mark Hatzenbuehler, and Rachel Waxman

III. Psychological Factors

6. Natural Change and the Troublesome Use of Substances: A Life-Course Perspective, Carlo C. DiClemente

7. Developmental Perspectives on the Risk for Developing Substance Abuse Problems, Victor M. Hesselbrock and Michie N. Hesselbrock

8. Comorbid Substance Use Disorders and Psychiatric Disorders, Kim T. Mueser, Robert E. Drake, Win Turner, and Mark McGovern

9. Motivational Factors in Addictive Behaviors, William R. Miller

IV. Social Factors

10. Racial and Gender Differences in Substance Abuse: What Should Communities Do about Them?, Harold D. Holder

11. Family and Other Close Relationships, Barbara S. McCrady

12. Social Contexts and Substance Use, Rudolf H. Moos

13. Ethnography and Applied Substance Misuse Research: Anthropological and Cross-Cultural Factors, Robert G. Carlson

V. Interventions

14. Behavioral Therapies: The Glass Would Be Half Full If Only We Had a Glass, Kathleen M. Carroll and Bruce J. Rounsaville

15. Pharmacotherapy of Addictive Disorders, Stephanie S. O'Malley and Thomas R. Kosten

16. Religion, Spirituality, and the Troublesome Use of Substances, Keith Humphreys and Elizabeth Gifford

17. What We Need Is a System: Creating a Responsive and Effective Substance Abuse Treatment System, A. Thomas McLellan

18. Drawing the Science Together: Ten Principles, Ten Recommendations, William R. Miller and Kathleen M. Carroll