Stress Management for Teachers

A Proactive Guide

Keith C. Herman and Wendy M. Reinke

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November 6, 2014
ISBN 9781462517985
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November 6, 2014
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256 Pages
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“Teachers are besieged by criticism from the press and politicians, and by pressure from parents and principals. In addition, they have to make scores of instantaneous decisions hour by hour, day after day. That is where this book comes in. It illustrates how teachers can take care of themselves and thrive under stressful, often unsupportive conditions. Written by two brilliant, knowledgeable, and calm educators, this book is a 'must' for teachers who want to be at the top of their game. Teachers' careers depend on confidence and an ability to manage pressure, and they owe no less to their students and themselves.”

—Randy Sprick, PhD, Director, Safe and Civil Schools

“This well-written, organized, and compelling book offers practical strategies to address the troubling phenomenon of teacher stress. Combining clinical insight, current research, and their extensive work with teachers, Herman and Reinke’s unique approach focuses on building teacher resilience. The book is an exceptionally valuable resource for school psychologists, consultants, counselors, and administrators who support teachers. It would also make an excellent text for education students as part of their field experience and teaching internship program.”

—Lori Newcomer, PhD, Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri

Stress Management for Teachers taught me how to turn those sometimes-negative thoughts into positive ones. Learning to be aware of my thoughts and feelings throughout the day, and changing what goes into my body, have both had a vital impact on my mood and perceptions of myself. This book helped me create a positive cycle in my life that has not only improved my attitude toward teaching, but also has made me feel more successful in my personal life.”

—K. Gilchrist, MEd, NBCT, third-grade teacher, McCurdy Elementary School, Florissant, Missouri

“I recommend this book to first-year teachers, tenured teachers, and even seasoned administrators. It helped me—and will help others—reflect on how to handle the stress of being an educator or administrator. It is written in a way that enables the reader to apply the tools and strategies right away and over the long term.”

—Victoria Ballew, MEd, Director of Special Programs, Southern Boone County (Missouri) R-1 School District

“Administrators are always watching for credible and innovative resources to assist staff with pressing concerns, and helping educators cope with stress is at the top of the list. This book provides a path forward for those who are ready to do the work to reduce their stress. It is easy to read, gives clear directions and examples of useful techniques, and incorporates reflections from educators as they come to understand and address the impact of stress in their professional and personal lives. The 'If you only do one thing'sections recognize the busy lives of educators and give short, meaningful take-aways with the highest-yield strategies from each chapter. This is a useful text for teacher preparation programs, programs addressing prevention and mental health in schools, and teacher-mentoring activities.”

—Lou Ann Tanner-Jones, PhD, NCSP, Director of Special Services, Columbia (Missouri) Public Schools