The CRAFT Treatment Manual for Substance Use Problems

Working with Family Members

Jane Ellen Smith and Robert J. Meyers
Foreword by William R. Miller

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January 17, 2023
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"An evidence-based program called CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) encourages relationships and teaches families skills to connect with their loved ones by effectively communicating and reinforcing positive behaviors, even in the context of unhealthy behaviors….Loved ones are not powerless. While we can't make a person change, we can contribute to making them want to change."
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (personal narrative by Barbara Straus Lodge)
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
“CRAFT is menu-driven but flexible and client centered. It offers a tailored approach to reducing the stress and self-blame of CSOs and helping them communicate and interact more effectively with their loved one. Smith and Meyers provide a host of tools and strategies, as well as realistic therapist-client dialogues that highlight key concepts. This manual will be very useful for any practitioner who works with family and friends of individuals experiencing substance use disorders. It provides a complete picture of the science and practice of this well-established, innovative approach. Trainers and educators of practitioners could use the manual and the rich clinical examples to help students understand CSOs' concerns and conflicts. ”

—Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD, ABPP, Department of Psychology (Emeritus), University of Maryland, Baltimore County

“In this era of tragic overdose deaths, families need more than knowledge and boundaries. They need skills to help their loved one seek treatment, to reduce the loved one’s substance use, and to improve their own quality of life. Smith and Meyers harness decades of research in a practical and easy-to-apply format, designed to uplift concerned families everywhere to become a part of the solution.”

—Joseph Lee, MD, President and CEO, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

“A crucial addition to the addiction treatment toolkit. CRAFT provides evidence-based skills for CSOs to cope with their loved one’s substance use and to help the loved one initiate treatment. All of the tools needed for implementing the approach are embedded in this manual. The sample dialogues in every chapter are unusually helpful; they are informative and easy to absorb, and contain masterful clinician material. The reproducible informational handouts, worksheets, and therapy fidelity checklists also will be very useful for everyone from clinicians-in-training to seasoned therapists.”

—Elizabeth Epstein, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

“What you have in this volume from Bob Meyers and Jane Ellen Smith is seasoned professional advice from the very psychologists who have grown and tested the CRAFT approach, based on their decades of clinical experience and research. CRAFT has been successfully delivered in individual, group, and even self-directed formats. The procedures are specific and learnable, offering hope and change for distressed families who are wondering what to do. It is also very rewarding work, with some of the most motivated clients you will ever see—the CSOs themselves. We who go into helping professions hope that we can contribute to the alleviation of suffering in the world, and here is a very practical and effective way to do it.”

—from the Foreword by William R. Miller, PhD, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, The University of New Mexico