The Child Clinician's Report-Writing Handbook

Second Edition

Ellen Braaten

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September 2, 2019
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.

I. Questions for Conducting a Psychological Evaluation of a Child or Adolescent

1. Beginning the Interview sample

2. Questions for Parents on Signs, Symptoms, and Behavior Patterns

3. Observation Procedures and Questions for Children and Adolescents

4. Questions for Teachers or Other Professionals

5. The Formal Mental Status Exam with Children and Adolescents

6. Ending the Interview

II. Standard Terms and Statements for Wording Psychological Reports

7. Beginning the Report

8. Reasons for Referral

9. History of Current Symptoms

10. Medical and Psychiatric Background Information

11. Developmental and Family History

12. Academic and School History

13. Behavioral Observations

14. Attitude toward Testing

15. Affective Symptoms and Mood/Anxiety Disorders

16. Childhood Behavioral and Cognitive Disorders

17. Home and Family

18. School

19. Social and Work Relationships, Recreational Activities

20. General Guidelines for Presenting Test Results in a Report

21. Tests of Intellectual Functioning

22. Achievement Measures

23. Tests of Language Functioning

24. Memory Tests

25. Tests of Visual–Spatial and Motor Skills

26. Measures of Executive and Neuropsychological Functioning

27. Measures of Emotional and Personality Functioning

28. Behavior Rating Scales and Tests of Adaptive Functioning

29. Diagnostic Statements/Impressions

30. Summary of Findings and Conclusions

31. Recommendations

32. Closing Statements

III. Special Circumstances and Useful Resources

33. Writing for the Schools

34. Treatment Planning

35. Report Formats and Sample Reports

36. Resources for Professionals

37. Resources for Parents

38. Medications

39. Abbreviations in Common Use

40. Useful Forms