The Data-Driven School

Collaborating to Improve Student Outcomes

Daniel M. Hyson, Joseph F. Kovaleski, Benjamin Silberglitt, and Jason A. Pedersen

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July 10, 2020
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I. The Engine for a Data-Driven School: Systems-Level Problem Solving

1. The Rationale and Context for a Data-Driven School sample

2. Systems-Level Problem Identification

3. Systems-Level Problem Analysis

4. Systems-Level Plan Development, Plan Implementation, and Plan Evaluation

II. The Roadmap for a Data-Driven School: Data-Analysis Teaming across Multiple Levels

5. Data-Driven Problem Solving at the Grade, Classroom, and Student Levels: Initial Considerations

6. Implementing Data Teaming at the School and Grade Level for Academic Skills

7. Implementing Data Teaming at the School and Grade Level for Behavior and Social–Emotional Skills

III. Building the Capacity for a Data-Driven School

8. Data Management Using Technology

9. Developing Data Leaders

Appendix 1. Identifying Gaps in Your Comprehensive Assessment System

Appendix 2. Case Example: Setting Your Own Target Scores

Appendix 3. Data Activity