The Power of Instructional Coaching in Context

A Systems View for Aligning Content and Coaching

Jacy Ippolito and Rita M. Bean

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March 20, 2024
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Introduction

1. Content and Context Matter: Coaching Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum sample

2. Seeing the Systems at Work in Schools: The First Step to Building and Sustaining a Culture of Coaching

II. The Content of Coaching

3. The Instructional Core: Identifying the What and Why of Coaching

4. Supporting the Implementation and Sustainability of the Instructional Core

III. Coaching Programs and Processes

5. Designing a Coaching Program That Works for Your School and District

6. Defining Roles and Responsibilities to Support Coaching Programs and Processes

7. Differentiating Coaching Moves to Support Coaching Programs and Processes

IV. The Context of Coaching

8. Stepping Back to See the Bigger Picture

9. District, School, and Community Levers to Support the Context of Coaching

10. Sustaining a Healthy System for Coaching: The Need for Support and Pressure

11. A Final Note: Why the Content and Coaching in Context Framework Matters for Coaches and Schools