The Psychology of Thinking about the Future

Edited by Gabriele Oettingen, A. Timur Sevincer, and Peter M. Gollwitzer

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March 30, 2018
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February 12, 2018
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Introduction, Gabriele Oettingen, A. Timur Sevincer, & Peter M. Gollwitzer

Setting the Stage

1. Future-Thinking: A Historical Perspective, Lucian Hölscher

2. Future-Thinking in Animals: Capacities and Limits, Jonathan Redshaw & Adam Bulley

3. Varieties of Future-Thinking, Karl K. Szpunar, Sushmita Shrikanth, & Daniel L. Schacter

I. Imagery

4. Future-Thinking in Young Children: How Do We Measure It and How Can We Optimize It?, Cristina M. Atance

5. The Future Self, Hal E. Hershfield & Daniel Bartels

6. Counterfactual Thinking, Kai Epstude

7. Fantasy about the Future as Friend and Foe, Gabriele Oettingen & A. Timur Sevincer

II. Beliefs and Judgments

8. Expectations in the Academic Domain, Dale H. Schunk & Maria K. DiBenedetto

9. Self-Efficacy, James E. Maddux & Evan M. Kleiman

10. Positive Future-Thinking, Well-Being, and Mental Health, Andrew K. MacLeod & Rory C. O’Connor

11. Generalized Optimism, Charles S. Carver & Michael F. Scheier

12. Fluctuations in Future Outlooks: Unrealistic Optimism and Pessimism in Outcome Predictions, James A. Shepperd, Angelica Falkenstein, & Kate Sweeny

13. A Neuroeconomist’s Perspective on Thinking about the Future, Anna B. Konova & Paul W. Glimcher

14. Anticipated Regret: A Prospective Emotion about the Future Past, Marcel Zeelenberg

15. Thinking about the Future: A Construal Level Theory Perspective, Michael Gilead, Yaacov Trope, & Nira Liberman

16. Perceiving Future Time across Adulthood, Frieder R. Lang & Franziska Damm

III. Goals and Plans

17. Planning Out Future Action, Affect, and Cognition, Peter M. Gollwitzer & Christina Crosby

18. Mindsets Change the Imagined and Actual Future, Carol S. Dweck & David S. Yeager

19. Long-Range Thinking and Goal-Directed Action, Edwin A. Locke

20. The Effect of Priming Goals on Organizational-Related Behavior: My Transition from Skeptic to Believer, Gary P. Latham

21. The Forward Rush: On Locomotor’s Future Focus, Arie W. Kruglanski, Marina Chernikova, & Katarzyna Jasko

22. Where I Ideally Want to Be versus Where I Ought to Be: Regulatory Focus and the Future, James F. M. Cornwell & E. Tory Higgins

23. To Approach or to Avoid: Integrating the Biopsychosocial Model of Challenge and Threat with Theories from Affective Dynamics and Motivation Science, Jeremy P. Jamieson & Andrew J. Elliot

24. Anticipating and Overcoming Unethical Temptation, Oliver J. Sheldon & Ayelet Fishbach

25. The Road to Hell: An Overview of Research on the Intention–Behavior Gap, Paschal Sheeran & Thomas L. Webb

26. Multiple Processes in Prospective Memory: Exploring the Nature of Spontaneous Retrieval, Gilles O. Einstein, Mark A. McDaniel, & Francis Anderson

27. The Planning Fallacy, Roger Buehler & Dale Griffin