Treating Self-Injury

Second Edition
A Practical Guide

Barent W. Walsh

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July 1, 2012
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Definition and Contexts for Self-Injury

1. Definition and Differentiation from Suicide

2. The Relationship between Self-Injury and Suicide

3. An Overview of Direct and Indirect Self-Harm

4. Major Groups in Which Self-Injury Occurs

5. Body Piercings, Tattoos, Brandings, Scarifications, and Other Forms of Body Modification

6. A Biopsychosocial Model for Self-Injury

II. Assessment and Treatment: A Stepped-Care Model

Treatment: Step 1

7. Initial Therapeutic Responses

8. Formal Assessment of Self-Injury, Jennifer J. Muehlenkamp

9. Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment

10. Contingency Management

Treatment: Step 2

11. Replacement Skills Training

12. Cognitive Treatment

13. Family Therapy, Michael Hollander

14. Psychopharmacological Treatment, Gordon P. Harper

Treatment: Step 3

15. Body Image Work

16. Prolonged Exposure or Cognitive Restructuring for Treating PTSD and Related Self-Injury

Treatment: Step 4

17. Treating Persons with Multiple Self-Harm Behaviors

18. Residential Treatment Targeting Self-Injury and Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents, with Leonard A. Doerfler and Ariana Perry

III. Specialized Topics

19. Managing Reactions to Self-Injury: A Guide for Therapists and Other Caregivers

20. Social Contagion and Self-Injury

21. A Protocol for Managing Self-Injury in School Settings

22. Asphyxial Risk Taking (the Choking Game), Amy M. Brausch

23. Understanding, Managing, and Treating Foreign-Body Ingestion, with Ariana Perry

24. Self-Injury in Correctional Settings, Kenneth L. Appelbaum

25. Treating Major Self-Injury


Appendix A: Breathing Manual

Appendix B: Body Attitudes Scale (BAS)

Appendix C: Clinical Scales to Assess Self-Injury

Appendix D: Helpful Websites Related to Self-Injury

Appendix E: Bill of Rights for People Who Self-Harm