Treating Trauma in Dialectical Behavior Therapy

The DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol (DBT PE)

Melanie S. Harned

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March 23, 2022
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I. Background

1. The Development and Foundations of DBT PE sample

2. The Target Population

II. Stabilization and Preparation

3. Setting the Stage for DBT PE in Pretreatment

4. Achieving Safety, Stability, and Skills in Stage 1

5. Building Motivation for DBT PE

6. Determining Readiness for DBT PE

7. Preparing to Start DBT PE

III. The DBT PE Protocol

8. Session 1

9. Session 2

10. Joint and Family Sessions

11. Session 3

12. Intermediate Sessions (Sessions 4+)

13. The Final Session

IV. Troubleshooting and Tailoring Treatment

14. Troubleshooting Problems

15. Targeting Specific Trauma-Related Emotions

16. Working with Different Trauma Types

17. Treating Diverse Populations

V. Next Steps

18. Stage 3 and Beyond

Appendix A. DBT PE Client Handouts

Appendix B. Therapist Forms

Appendix C. Session Checklists

Appendix D. Measures