Working with Spiritual Struggles in Psychotherapy

From Research to Practice

Kenneth I. Pargament and Julie J. Exline

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November 10, 2021
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October 4, 2021
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I. Understanding Spiritual Struggles

1. Introducing Spiritual Struggles sample

2. A Conceptual Model of Spiritual Struggles

3. Where Do Spiritual Struggles Come From?

4. Do Spiritual Struggles Lead to Decline?: The Painful Side

5. Do Spiritual Struggles Lead to Growth?: The Brighter Side

6. What Shapes the Outcomes of Spiritual Struggles?

II. Clinical Challenges of Spiritual Struggles

7. How to Address Spiritual Struggles in Clinical Practice

8. Divine Struggles

9. Struggles of Ultimate Meaning

10. Struggles with Doubt

11. Moral Struggles

12. Demonic Struggles

13. Interpersonal Struggles

14. Concluding Thoughts


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