Journal of Personality Disorders

Official Journal of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders

Edited by Robert F. Krueger, PhD, University of Minnesota and John M. Oldham, MD, Baylor College of Medicine

ISSN: 0885579X
Volume 35, 2021
Issues Per Year: 6

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Founding Editors
Theodore Millon, PhD, Institute for Advanced Studies in Personology and Psychopathology
Allen J. Frances, MD, Duke University School of Medicine

Associate Editors
Christopher C. Conway, PhD, Fordham University
Michael J. Crawford, MD, Imperial College London
Marianne Goodman, MD, Bronx VAMC/Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt, PhD, Oklahoma State University
Stephanie D. Stepp, PhD, University of Pittsburgh
Mark Zimmerman, MD, Brown University

Editorial Board
Michael Bagby, Lorna S. Benjamin, Donald W. Black, Mark Blais, Robert F. Bornstein, Luna C. M. Centifanti, Alexander L. Chapman, John F. Clarkin, Emil F. Coccaro, David J. Cooke, Kate Davidson, Barbara De Clercq, Filip De Fruyt, David DeMatteo, Colin DeYoung, Giancarlo Dimaggio, Kevin S. Douglas, John F. Edens, Michael First, Andrea L. Glenn, John G. Gunderson, Michael Hallquist, Stephen D. Hart, Erin A. Hazlett, Perry Hoffman, Christopher Hopwood, Steven K. Huprich, Kerry L. Jang, Daniel Klein, Marjorie Klein, Harold Koenigsberg, Ueli Kramer, Roseann Larstone, Robert D. Latzman, Carl W. Lejuez, Ken Levy, Mark Lukowitsky, Don Lynam, Kristian Markon, Shelley McMain, Josh Miller, Leslie C. Morey, Thomas Oltmanns, Joel Paris, Chris Patrick, Katharine A. Phillips, Paul Pilkonis, Ralf Pukrop, Elsa Ronningstam, Doug Samuel, Charles A. Sanislow, Lori N. Scott, Martin Sellbom, Carla Sharp, Tracie Shea, Erik Simonsen, Andrew Skodol, Paul H. Soloff, Susan South, Michael Stone, Jennifer Tackett, Timothy J. Trull, David Vachon, Roel Verheul, Drew Westen, Thomas A. Widiger, Aidan G. C. Wright, Shirley Yen, Peter Zachar, Mary C. Zanarini

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