Brief Interventions for Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Edited by Peter M. Monti, Suzanne M. Colby, and Tracy O'Leary Tevyaw

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May 18, 2018
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April 16, 2018
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Introduction, Peter M. Monti, Suzanne M. Colby, & Tracy A. O’Leary Tevyaw

I. Etiology and Developmental Context

1. Development Matters: Taking the Long View on Substance Use during Adolescence and the Transition to Adulthood, John Schulenberg, Julie Maslowsky, Jennifer L. Maggs, & Robert A. Zucker

2. The Neurocognitive Impact of Alcohol and Marijuana Use on the Developing Adolescent and Young Adult Brain, Krista M. Lisdahl, Skyler Shollenbarger, Kelly A. Sagar, & Staci A. Gruber

3. Assessing Adolescent Substance Use Problems and Other Areas of Functioning: State of the Art, Ken C. Winters, Andria M. Botzet, & Susanne Lee

4. Transactions among Personality and Psychosocial Learning Risk Factors for Adolescent Addictive Behavior: The Acquired Preparedness Model of Risk, Heather A. Davis, Elizabeth N. Riley, & Gregory T. Smith

5. Expanding the Reach of Brief Interventions to Address Unmet Treatment Needs: SBIRT-A (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Adolescents), Sara J. Becker, Timothy J. Ozechowski, & Aaron Hogue

II. Clinical Guide: Application of Brief Interventions in Diverse Settings and Populations

6. Motivational Enhancement in Medical Settings for Adolescent Substance Use, Tracy O’Leary Tevyaw, Anthony Spirito, Suzanne M. Colby, & Peter M. Monti

7. Brief Interventions for Adolescents with Substance Abuse and Comorbid Psychiatric Problems, Christianne Esposito-Smythers, Bethany Rallis, Kyla Machell, Caitlin Williams, & Sarah Fisher

8. Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Interventions for Court-Involved, Nonincarcerated Youth, Emily F. Dauria, Melissa A. McWilliams, & Marina Tolou-Shams

9. Engaging Adolescents in Unstable Environments: Interventions with Foster Youth, Jordan M. Braciszewski & Judy Havlicek

10. Latino Youth, Acculturation, and Parenting, Lynn Hernandez & Oswaldo Moreno

11. Cultural Considerations and Recommendations for Implementing Brief Interventions with American Indian Adolescents, Nichea S. Spillane & Kamilla Venner

12. Understanding and Addressing Alcohol and Substance Use in Sexual- and Gender-Minority Youth, Ethan H. Mereish, Kristi E. Gamarel, & Don Operario

13. Pharmacotherapy for Adolescent Substance Misuse, Robert Miranda Jr. & Hayley Treloar

14. Group-Based Interventions for Youth, Elizabeth D’Amico & Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing

15. Integrated 12-Step Facilitation to Promote Adolescent Mutual-Help Involvement, John F. Kelly, Julie Cristello, & Brandon Bergman

16. Brief Interventions to Reduce College Student Drinking, Nadine R. Mastroleo

III. Future Directions

17. Future Research Opportunities for Screening and Brief Alcohol Interventions with Adolescents, Ralph Hingson & Aaron White