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Building Motivational Interviewing Skills

Second Edition
A Practitioner Workbook

David B. Rosengren

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September 19, 2017
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513 Pages
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August 14, 2017
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I. The Journey Ahead

1. Introduction sample

2. What Is MI and Why Use It?

3. Introduction to the Four Processes

II. Engaging: The Relational Foundation

4. The Use of OARS: Reflective Listening

5. The Use of OARS: Open-Ended Questions, Affirmations, and Summaries

6. Exploring Values and Goals

III. Focusing: The Strategic Direction

7. Finding the Horizon

8. Exchanging Information

IV. Evoking: Preparation for Change

9. Recognizing Change and Sustain Talk

10. Evoking Motivation

11. Responding to Sustain Talk and Dancing with Discord

V. Planning: The Bridge to Change

12. Transitioning into Planning

13. Developing a Change Plan, Strengthening Commitment, and Supporting Change

VI. The Practice of MI

14. Learning MI

Appendix. Establishing an MI Learning Community