Diagnostic and Behavioral Assessment in Children and Adolescents

A Clinical Guide

Edited by Bryce D. McLeod, Amanda Jensen-Doss, and Thomas H. Ollendick

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July 19, 2013
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July 22, 2013
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I.Fundamental Issues

1. Overview of Diagnostic and Behavioral Assessment, Bryce D. McLeod, Amanda Jensen-Doss, and Thomas H. Ollendick

2. Diagnostic Assessment, Amanda Jensen-Doss, Bryce D. McLeod, and Thomas H. Ollendick

3. Behavioral Assessment, Thomas H. Ollendick, Bryce D. McLeod, and Amanda Jensen-Doss

4. Case Conceptualization, Treatment Planning, and Outcome Monitoring, Bryce D. McLeod, Amanda Jensen-Doss, and Thomas H. Ollendick

II. Assessment Tools

5. Interviews, Carla E. Marin, Yasmin Rey, and Wendy K. Silverman

6. Checklists and Rating Scales, Thomas M. Achenbach

7. Direct Observation, David Reitman, Stacey McGregor, and Alexis Resnick

8. Self-Monitoring, Christine L. Cole and Catherine Kunsch

9. Physiological Assessment, Michelle A. Patriquin, Angela Scarpa, and Bruce H. Friedman

10. Laboratory-Based Cognitive Methodologies, Kathryn J. Lester and Andy P. Field

11. Peer Assessment Strategies, Annette M. La Greca, Betty Lai, Sherilynn Chan, and Whitney Herge

12. Parent and Family Assessment Strategies, David J. Hawes and Mark R. Dadds

13. Toward Evidence-Based Assessment of Ethnic Minority Youth, Armando A. Pina, Nancy A. Gonzales, Lindsay E. Holly, Argero A. Zerr, and Henry Wynne

14. Assessment of Therapy Processes, Stephen R. Shirk, John Paul M. Reyes, and Patrice S. Crisostomo

15. Diagnostic and Behavioral Assessment in Action, Amanda Jensen-Doss, Thomas H. Ollendick, and Bryce D. McLeod