Handbook of Cultural Psychology

Second Edition

Edited by Dov Cohen and Shinobu Kitayama

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February 27, 2019
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Young and Still Developing: Five Themes, Dov Cohen & Shinobu Kitayama

I. Theories and Methods

1. People Are Culturally Shaped Shapers: The Psychological Science of Culture and Culture Change, Hazel Rose Markus & MarYam G. Hamedani

2. A History of Cultural Psychology: Cultural Psychology as a Tradition and a Movement, Yoshihisa Kashima

3. Cultural Neuroscience, Shinobu Kitayama, Michael E. W. Varnum, & Cristina M. Salvador

4. Culture and Ecology, Thomas Talhelm & Shigehiro Oishi

5. Cultural Evolution and Cultural Psychology, Alex Mesoudi

6. Methods in Cultural Psychology, Dov Cohen

II. Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation

7. Culture and Intelligence, Richard E. Nisbett

8. Cognition and Perception, Takahiko Masuda, Matthew J. Russell, Liman Man Wai Li, & Hajin Lee

9. Culture and Language, Jeffrey Loewenstein

10. Culture and Motivation, Heejung S. Kim & Smaranda I. Lawrie

11. Cultural Influences on Emotion: Established Patterns and Emerging Trends, Jeanne L. Tsai & Magali Clobert

12. Well-Being and Health: A Cultural Psychology of Optimal Human Functioning, Yuri Miyamoto, Jiah Yoo, & Brooke Wilken

13. Wisdom and Culture, Igor Grossmann & Franki Y. H. Kung

14. Cultural–Clinical Psychology, Yulia E. Chentsova-Dutton & Andrew G. Ryder

III. Acquisition and Change of Culture

15. Culture and Development, Heidi Keller

16. Cultural Psychology of Moral Development, Joan G. Miller, Matthew Wice, & Namrata Goyal

17. Food and Eating, Paul Rozin, Matthew B. Ruby, & Adam B. Cohen

18. Learning New Cultures: Processes, Premises, and Policies, Michael W. Morris, Katrina M. Fincher, & Krishna Savani

19. The Cultural Psychology of Acculturation, Batja Mesquita, Jozefien De Leersnyder, & Alba Jasini

20. Making Meaning: A Culture-as-Situated-Cognition Approach to the Consequences of Cultural Fluency and Disfluency, Daphna Oyserman & Veronica X. Yan

21. Psychological Science of Multiculturalism, Angela K.-y. Leung & Brandon Koh

IV. Culture and Economic Behavior

22. Cultural Psychology of Money, Dov Cohen, Faith Shin, & Xi Liu

23. Culture and Work, Benjamin R. Levine, Jesse R. Harrington, & Eric Luis Uhlmann

24. The Cultural Psychology of Negotiation, Michele J. Gelfand & Joshua Conrad Jackson

25. Culture and Consumer Behavior, Sharon Shavitt, Hyewon Cho, & Aaron J. Barnes

26. Culture and Creativity/Innovation, Chi-yue Chiu & Ying-yi Hong

V. Different Forms of Culture

27. Social Class as Culture, Michael W. Kraus, Bennett Callaghan, & Pete Ondish

28. Culture, Race, Ethnicity, and Personality, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton & Frank C. Worrell

29. Geographical Variation in the Big Five Personality Domains, Peter J. Rentfrow & Markus Jokela

30. Cultures of Honor, Ayse K. Uskul, Susan E. Cross, Ceren Günsoy, & Pelin Gul

31. Transnational Terrorism, Devoted Actors, and the Vitality of Cultures, Scott Atran

32. Religious Cultures and Religious Conflict, Adam B. Cohen & Steven L. Neuberg

Author Index

Subject Index

Supplemental E-book Featuring Selected Chapters from the First Edition:

*Anthropological Foundations of Cultural Psychology, Robert A. LeVine

*Culture and Psychology: A History of the Study of Their Relationship, Harry C. Triandis

*Evolutionary Foundations of Cultural Psychology, Melvin Konner

*Self as Cultural Mode of Being, Shinobu Kitayama, Sean Duffy, & Yukiko Uchida

*Culture and Social Structure: The Relevance of Social Structure to Cultural Psychology, Carmi Schooler

*Religion’s Social and Cognitive Landscape: An Evolutionary Perspective, Scott Atran

*Situating the Child in Context: Attachment Relationships and Self-Regulation in Different Cultures, Gilda A. Morelli & Fred Rothbaum

*Culture and Subjective Well-Being, William Tov & Ed Diener

*Passionate Love and Sexual Desire, Elaine Hatfield, Richard L. Rapson, & Lise D. Martel