Handbook of Emotions

Fourth Edition

Edited by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Michael Lewis, and Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones

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August 2, 2016
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I. Interdisciplinary Perspectives

1. The Philosophy of Emotions, Andrea Scarantino

2. The History of Emotions, Ute Frevert

3. The Sociology of Emotion, Katherine J. Lively & Emi A. Weed

4. Emotions in Music, Literature, and Film, P. N. Johnson-Laird & Keith Oatley

5. Affect in Economic Decision Making, Karolina M. Lempert & Elizabeth A. Phelps

6. Computational Models of Emotion as Psychological Tools, Stacy Marsella & Jonathan Gratch

II. Biological Perspectives

7. From Pleasure to Happiness: “Liking” and “Wanting” in Mind and Brain, Kent C. Berridge & Morten L. Kringelbach

8. Neural Fingerprinting: Meta-Analysis, Variation, and the Search for Brain-Based Essences in the Science of Emotions, Elizabeth Clark-Polner, Tor D. Wager, Ajay B. Satpute, & Lisa Feldman Barrett

9. Emotion and the Autonomic Nervous System, Wendy Berry Mendes

10. Genetic Contributions to Affect and Emotion, Yuliya S. Nikolova, Elena G. Davis, & Ahmad R. Hariri

11. Olfaction: Explicit and Implicit Emotional Processing, Jeannette M. Haviland-Jones, Patricia J. Wilson, & Robin Freyberg

12. Interoception and Emotion: A Neuroanatomical Perspective, A. D. (Bud) Craig

13. The Affect of Taste and Olfaction: The Key to Survival, Linda Bartoshuk and Derek J. Snyder

III. Developmental Perspectives

14. The Development of Facial Expressions: Current Perspectives on Infant Emotions, Linda A. Camras, Serah S. Fatani, Brittney R. Fraumeni, & Michael M. Shuster

15. The Emergence of Human Emotions, Michael Lewis

16. Understanding Emotion, Paul L. Harris, Marc de Rosnay, & Francisco Pons

17. The Development of Children’s Concepts of Emotion, Sherri C. Widen

18. Emotion and Aging, Mara Mather & Allison Ponzio

19. The Interplay of Motivation and Emotion: View from Adulthood and Old Age, Molly Sands, Nhi Ngo, & Derek M. Isaacowitz

20. Emotional Development in Adolescence, Leah H. Somerville

IV. Social and Personality Perspectives

21. Gender and Emotion: Theory, Findings, and Content, Leslie R. Brody, Judith A. Hall, & Lynissa R. Stokes

22. The Cultural Psychology of Emotions, Batja Mesquita, Jozefien De Leersnyder, & Michael Boiger

23. Intergroup Emotions, Eliot R. Smith & Diane M. Mackie

24. Social Functions of Emotion and Emotion Regulation, Agneta H. Fischer & Antony S. R. Manstead

25. Social Pain and Social Pleasure: Two Overlooked but Fundamental Mammalian Emotions?, Naomi I. Eisenberger

26. Emotion Regulation: A Valuation Perspective, Guarav Suri & James J. Gross

27. Expression of Emotion, Dacher Keltner, Jessica Tracy, Disa A. Sauter, Daniel C. Cordaro, and Galen McNeil

28. Emotional Body Perception in the Wild, Beatrice de Gelder

29. Form and Function in Facial Expressive Behavior, Daniel H. Lee & Adam K. Anderson

V. Cognitive Perspectives

30. Emotional Intelligence, Marc A. Brackett, Susan E. Rivers, Michelle C. Bertoli, & Peter Salovey

31. New Light on the Affect–Cognition Connection, Gerald L. Clore & Alexander J. Schiller

32. A Fundamental Role for Conceptual Processing in Emotion, Christine D. Wilson-Mendenhall & Lawrence W. Barsalou

33. Memory and Emotion, Elizabeth A. Kensinger & Daniel L. Schacter

34. Language and Emotion: Putting Words into Feelings and Feelings into Words, Kristen A. Lindquist, Maria Gendron, & Ajay B. Satpute

35. Emotion and Attention, Greg Hajcak, Felicia Jackson, Jamie Ferri, & Anna Weinberg

VI. Health-Related Perspectives

36. Emotions and Health, Laura D. Kubzansky & Ashley Winning

37. Neuroendocrine and Neuroimmunological Mechanisms of Emotion, Aric A. Prather

38. Emotion Disturbances as Transdiagnostic Processes in Psychopathology, Anne M. Kring & Jasmine Mote

39. The Clinical Application of Emotion in Psychotherapy, Leslie S. Greenberg

40. Eat, Drink, and Be Sedentary: A Review of Health Behavior’s Effects on Emotions and Affective States, and Implications for Interventions, Elissa Epel, Aric A. Prather, Eli Puterman, & A. Janet Tomiyama

41. Stress and Emotion: Embodied, in Context, and Across the Lifespan, Barbara Ganzel, Jason R. D. Rarick, & Pamela Morris

42. Emotion-Related Symptoms of Neurodegenerative Dementias, Bradford C. Dickerson

VII. Specific Emotions

43. Fear and Anxiety, Kevin S. LaBar

44. Anger, Eddie Harmon-Jones & Cindy Harmon-Jones

45. Self-Conscious Emotions: Embarrassment, Pride, Shame, Guilt, and Hubris, Michael Lewis

46. Disgust, Paul Rozin, Jonathan Haidt, & Clark McCauley

47. Gratitude and Compassion, David DeSteno, Paul Condon, & Leah Dickens

48. Love: Positivity Resonance as a Fresh, Evidence-Based Perspective on an Age-Old Topic, Barbara L. Fredrickson

49. Sadness and Depression, Christian A. Webb & Diego A. Pizzagalli

50. Empathy, Jamil Zaki & Kevin Ochsner

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