I Love a Fire Fighter

Second Edition
What the Family Needs to Know

Ellen Kirschman

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June 24, 2021
ISBN 9781462546534
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336 Pages
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June 24, 2021
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June 18, 2021
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I. Two In/Two Out: Building and Strengthening Your Resilient Relationship

1. The Givens and Realities of the Fire Service

2. Spillover: Managing the Relationship between Home and Work

3. Relationships: Signs of Trouble, Signs of Strength sample

II. Answering the Call: Fire Fighters and Their Careers

4. Profiles: The Fire Fighter Personality

5. Climbing the Career Ladder: From Recruitment to Retirement

III. Beyond Burning Buildings

6. Emergency Medical Services

7. Wildland Fire and Trauma

IV. The Hot Zone: Staying Safe

8. Injuries, Fatalities, and Challenges to Health

9. Improving Safety

V. Trauma and Stress

10. Trauma: An Overview

11. Protective Factors: A Caring Organization, Resilience, and Posttraumatic Growth

12. Getting Help for PTSI: What to Aim For, Where to Go

13. Families and Trauma

14. Helping Yourself

15. Children and Trauma

VI. Fire Fighters in Hot Water

16. Addiction and Arson

17. Domestic Abuse and Suicide

VII. Special Families

18. Fire-Fighting Couples

19. Diversity: Women, Ethnic Minorities, and LGBTQ Fire Fighters on the Job

VIII. Getting the Help You Need When You Need It

20. Counseling