Principles-Focused Evaluation


Michael Quinn Patton

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September 28, 2017
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“Since Patton introduced developmental evaluation nearly a decade ago, it has become a widely used approach and a staple on the evaluation menu of options. Principles-focused evaluation has the potential to become yet another important option on that menu….There is a multiplicity of value added from Patton’s book for the theorist and practitioner alike. For theorists, principles-focused evaluation truly offers a new way to think with regards to program design, implementation and evaluation….As an evaluation practitioner, I find that principles-focused evaluation provides a unique lens to explore an intervention and its results; it allows a deeper dive into understanding why something works, and why it does not….I highly recommend reading Patton’s book, using his GUIDE, applying it in practice, and in doing so, becoming a nobler evaluator.”

Evaluation and Program Planning

“From the first word, it is clear that this book is essential reading for anyone involved in any kind of work where quality of life is the primary concern….It will be invaluable for students, teachers, and researchers alike. It would also be valuable for social support organizations, their managers, and their practitioner staff ….The book is superbly written….Practical exercises provide opportunities to bring the material to life in a directly meaningful way for the reader….Patton invites us to join him in the journey of further developing the field by testing out, adapting, and revising the ideas he offers to deepen understanding for the benefit of all.”

Evaluation Matters

“In this book, Patton takes reader reflection to another level, asking each reader to go through his or her own journey, engaging in the book content by undertaking examples and practice exercises at the end of each chapter….It is a thought-provoking and insightful book….Patton skillfully guides the reader through an exploratory journey of the PFE approach, and how it can be applied to the contexts we work in.”

American Journal of Evaluation

“The practice exercises at the end of most chapters take the form of reflective, open-ended prompts that allow readers to work through the material presented in the chapter….Teachers may find these exercises useful for starting discussions, guiding group projects, and/or shaping written assignments, while consultants may use them to guide clients and their staffs through a process of reflection, articulation, and organizational self-appraisal….While Patton is a knowledgeable guide through the material, he also is a storyteller and creative non-fiction writer who understands the power of narrative….Woven throughout The GUIDE are bits and chunks and even whole chapters of story, often told by others in the field….Hearing these people share how P-FE worked in specific situations at specific times illustrates the extent to which P-FE can be applied.”

The Qualitative Report

“In the past two decades, Patton has been perhaps the most creative contemporary thinker about how best to advance evaluation practice, with contributions including utilization-focused evaluation, qualitative evaluation methods, process use, complexity concepts, systems change in evaluation, and developmental evaluation, among others. Principles-Focused Evaluation continues Patton's impressive tradition of major breakthrough innovation. This book will undoubtedly expand your thinking and is a 'must read' for evaluation practitioners, scholars, and students. I give it my absolute highest endorsement.”

—Stewart I. Donaldson, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Global Health; Executive Director, Claremont Evaluation Center; Director, The Evaluators' Institute, Claremont Graduate University

“Patton is one of our most innovative evaluation theorists—and this book underscores that point. P-FE provides the framework for implementing evaluations that are grounded in meaningful, actionable, and rigorous evidence. The book offers guidance on theory and practice plus examples that bring the concepts to life. No one else engages readers quite like Patton. Another exceptional contribution by a master!”

—Christina A. Christie, PhD, Chair, Department of Education, University of California, Los Angeles

Principles-Focused Evaluation provides a practical toolkit for guiding and shaping the urgent work of shifting institutions, systems, and cultures from maladaptive to adaptive states. Patton builds on his foundational work in utilization-focused evaluation and developmental evaluation. This is a timely and important book for evaluators—and for the social innovators, policymakers, educators, and funders with whom they work.”

—Stephen Huddart, President and CEO, The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, Montréal, Québec, Canada

“Gender equity, empowerment, climate mitigation, poverty reduction, peacebuilding—these prevalent programmatic initiatives take many different forms but share principled foundations of action. In this book, Patton shifts the attention of evaluators to the fundamental propositions that drive change, offering a valuable approach for addressing the complexities of many—if not most—evaluation environments.”

—Ann M. Doucette, PhD, Research Professor, Claremont Graduate University; Director of Special Projects, The Evaluators’ Institute