Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Second Edition
Promoting Mental Health and Academic Success

Barbara A. Gueldner, Laura L. Feuerborn, and Kenneth W. Merrell
Foreword by Roger P. Weissberg

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September 1, 2020
ISBN 9781462544011
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268 Pages
Size: 8" x 10½"
August 21, 2020
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268 Pages
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268 Pages

The new edition will be published September 1, 2020. If you need this title before then, please see the previous edition.
1. Social and Emotional Learning: What It Is and What It Can Do for Your Students

2. Strategic Planning for Social and Emotional Learning

3. Social and Emotional Learning Curricula: A Review of Programs and Guide to Selection

4. The Essentials of Using Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

5. Academics and Social and Emotional Learning: An Interconnected and Integrated Relationship

6. One Size Does Not Fit All: Adapting Social and Emotional Learning in Our Multicultural World, with Sara Castro-Olivo, Ana d’Abreu, Jessica Furrer, & Oscar Widales-Benitez

7. Assessment and Evaluation Strategies in Social and Emotional Learning

8. Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health Interventions: A Multi-Tiered and Ecological Approach

9. Educators’ Social and Emotional Competence




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