The Power of Peers in the Classroom

Enhancing Learning and Social Skills

Edited by Karen R. Harris and Lynn Meltzer

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July 6, 2015
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July 1, 2015
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
1. Executive Function and Peer Mentoring: Fostering Metacognitive Awareness, Effort, and Academic Success, Lynn Meltzer, Michael Greschler, Katelyn Kurkul, & Wendy Stacey

2. Peer Interactions in the Content Areas: Using Differentiated Instruction Strategies, Kelley S. Regan, Anya S. Evmenova, Margo A. Mastropieri, & Thomas E. Scruggs

3. “Thank You for Helping Me Write a Better Paper”: Peer Support in Learning to Write, Anne Mong Cramer & Linda H. Mason

4. Using Collaborative Strategic Reading to Promote Student Discourse, Karla Scornavacco, Brooke Moore, Alison Boardman, Cristin Jensen Lasser, Pamela Buckley, & Janette K. Klingner

5. Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies to Improve Students' Word Recognition and Reading Comprehension, Devin M. Kearns, Douglas Fuchs, Lynn S. Fuchs, Kristen L. McMaster, & Laura Saenz

6. Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies in Mathematics, Sarah R. Powell & Lynn S. Fuchs

7. Maximizing the Benefits of Working Cooperativelywith Peers, Kimber L. Wilkerson & Jenna L. Lequia

8. Peer-Supported Instruction for English Learners, Cara Richards-Tutor, Terese Aceves, & Colleen Reutebuch

9. The Power of Preschool Peers to Influence Social Outcomes for Children with Special Needs, Phillip S.Strain & Edward H. Bovey II