Women's Growth In Connection

Writings from the Stone Center

Judith V. Jordan, Alexandra G. Kaplan, Irene P. Stiver, Janet L. Surrey, and Jean Baker Miller

April 19, 1991
ISBN 9780898624656
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310 Pages
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I. A Developmental Perspective

1. The Development of Women's Sense of Self, Miller

2. Women and Empathy: Implications for Psychological Development and Psychotherapy, Jordan, Surrey, & Kaplan

3. The "Self-in-Relation": A Theory of Women's Development, Surrey

4. Empathy and Self Boundaries, Jordan

5. The Meaning of Mutuality, Jordan

6. Beyond the Oedipus Complex: Mothers and Daughters, Stiver

7. Women's Self in Development in Late Adolescence, Kaplan, Klein, & Gleason

II. Applications

8. The Meanings of "Dependency" in Female-Male Relationships, Stiver

9. Relationship and Empowerment, Surrey

10. The Construction of Anger in Women and Men, Miller

11. Women and Power, Miller

12. The "Self-in-Relation": Implications for Depression in Women, Kaplan

13. Work Inhibitions in Women, Stiver

14. Eating Patterns as a Reflection of Women's Development, Surrey

15. The Meaning of Care: Reframing Treatment Models, Stiver

16. Female or Male Therapists for Women: New Formulations: Kaplan

17. Empathy, Mutuality, and Therapeutic Change: Clinical Implications of a Relational Model, Jordan