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A New Look at ADHD

Inhibition, Time, and Self-Control

Russell A. Barkley

October 24, 2006
ISBN 9781593854218
Price: $110.00
40 Pages
Size: 5½" x 8½"
39-Minute DVD + 40-Page Manual + Leader's Guide

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“This video is highly informative, scientific, and professional, and will have an important and positive impact. Dr. Barkley has a tremendous ability to provide very rich information in a short period of time. He communicates difficult concepts in a way that enables people from various backgrounds to understand the main points of his theory. The video will be useful in a wide variety of settings. I will show the video in my office (to parents of newly diagnosed children and to adults with ADHD), in CHADD meetings and parent support groups, and in inservice teacher training. It also will serve as an excellent educational tool for mental health professionals, physicians, nurses, and graduate students. This program will aid in the development of more consistent and scientifically based protocols to diagnose and treat ADHD. Its coverage of interventions is extremely valuable and hopeful, and includes a good sampling of interventions in the school setting.”

—Vera Joffe, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

“With his usual brilliance, Dr. Barkley presents his latest framework for understanding ADHD. Because these concepts are often complicated to follow in print, this polished and well-produced video is an excellent educational tool, especially for those of us who are somewhat theory-impaired.”

—Michael Gordon, Ph.D

“Barkley is one of the leading investigators, clinicians and thinkers on ADHD. In this video, he attempts to clarify the underlying psychopathological basis of ADHD. He does this in a clear, interesting, and thoughtful manner. The video may lead to improved concepts of diagnosis and management, especially in educational settings. Our clinic found this video interesting, stimulating, and thought provoking, and we recommend it highly to others.”

—John S. Werry, MD, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Auckland, New Zealand