Academic Skills Problems Fifth Edition Workbook

Fifth Edition

Edward S. Shapiro and Nathan H. Clemens

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July 6, 2023
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May 26, 2023
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Introduction sample

Step 1: Assessing the Academic Environment sample

- Teacher Interview

- Student Interview

- Direct Observation: Manual for the Behavioral Observation of Students in Schools (BOSS)

- Direct Observation: Behavioral Observation of Students in Schools—Modified (BOSS-M)

Step 2: Assessing Instructional Placement

- Reading

- Math

- Spelling

- Written Language

- Summary Form for Academic Assessment

Step 3: Instructional Modification

- The Incremental Rehearsal Technique

- Cover—Copy—Compare

Step 4: Progress Monitoring

- Graphing Data

- Developing Local Norms

- Tools for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Data-Based Decision Making