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Motivational Interviewing in Health Care

Helping Patients Change Behavior

Stephen Rollnick, William R. Miller, and Christopher C. Butler

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November 6, 2007
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November 7, 2007
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March 1, 2011
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A new edition will be published October 21, 2022.
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I. Behavior Change and Motivational Interviewing

1. Motivational Interviewing: Principles and Evidence sample

2. How Motivational Interviewing Fits into Health Care Practice

II. Core Skills of Motivational Interviewing

3. Practicing Motivational Interviewing

4. Asking

5. Listening

6. Informing

III. Putting It All Together

7. Integrating the Skills

8. Case Examples of a Guiding Style

9. Getting Better at Guiding

10. Beyond the Consultation

Epilogue:Some Maps to Guide You

Appendix A. Learning More about Motivational Interviewing

Appendix B. A Topical Bibliography of Research on Motivational Interviewing