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The Clinician's Guide to CBT Using Mind Over Mood

Second Edition

Christine A. Padesky
With Dennis Greenberger

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April 6, 2020
ISBN 9781462542581
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488 Pages
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April 2, 2020
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March 23, 2020
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Christine Padesky offers therapists and professors innovative cognitive behavioral strategies to use with clients and students on her YouTube channel. Plus, instructors and supervisors can view Dr. Padesky's free webinar on how to use The Clinician's Guide to CBT Using Mind Over Mood, Second Edition, as a textbook that can make teaching and learning CBT more enjoyable for you and your students.
Read a Q & A with featured author, Christine A. Padesky!
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Section I. Mind Over Mood Unpacked

1. How to Use This Clinician’s Guide

2. Fundamental Skills (MOM2 Chapters 1–4) sample

3. Goal Setting (MOM2 Chapter 5)

4. Thought Records, Part I: Situations, Moods, and Thoughts (Columns 1–3; MOM2 Chapters 6–7)

5. Thought Records, Part II: Cognitive Restructuring (Columns 4–7; MOM2 Chapters 8–9)

6. New Thoughts, Action Plans, and Acceptance (MOM2 Chapter 10)

7. Underlying Assumptions and Behavioral Experiments (MOM2 Chapter 11)

8. New Core Beliefs, Gratitude, and Acts of Kindness (MOM2 Chapter 12)

9. Depression and Behavioral Activation (MOM2 Chapter 13)

10. Understanding Anxiety (MOM2 Chapter 14)

11. Adapting MOM2 to Common Anxiety and Related Disorders

12. Anger, Guilt, and Shame (MOM2 Chapter 15)

13. Relapse Management and Happiness (MOM2 Chapter 16)

Section II. Mind Over Mood in Context

14. CBT Principles in Individual and Couple Therapy

15. MOM2-Based Group Therapy

Appendix A. MOM2 Reading Guides for Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, and Shame

Appendix B. A Personal History of the 7-Column Thought Record

Appendix C. Additional Resources from Christine A. Padesky


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