Treating Alcohol and Drug Problems in Psychotherapy Practice

Second Edition
Doing What Works

Arnold M. Washton and Joan E. Zweben

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December 21, 2022
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November 11, 2022
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“The second edition takes what was already a pragmatic clinical text and offers key updates related to client-centered care, harm reduction, and evidence-based adjunctive pharmacotherapies. This is a book written by therapists for therapists. It provides the perfect combination of clinical wisdom and science-based recommendations.”

—Molly Magill, LICSW, PhD, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Brown University School of Public Health

“As a trainer of mental health practitioners, I highly recommend this book. Washton and Zweben offer a foundational approach to individualized treatment that is engaging and humane and that meets people 'where they are' with nonstigmatizing language and a harm reduction mindset. Readers will understand how office-based treatments are an effective and accessible piece of the SUDs treatment continuum. For the novice or seasoned clinician, this book offers a menu of options for integrative care that will immediately inform clinical work with complex, co-occurring challenges, particularly those associated with the opioid epidemic.”

—Mark S. Woodford, PhD, Department of Counselor Education, The College of New Jersey

“A remarkably practical and down-to-earth guide for working with SUDs, which vex even the most experienced clinicians. Washton and Zweben bypass the politics and rhetoric and instead focus on what really matters: doing what works! This book is a true gem for practitioners wanting to know what to do in session that actually helps their clients address this challenging issue.”

—Diane R. Gehart, PhD, Professor and Program Coordinator, Marriage and Family Therapy, California State University, Northridge

“I have assigned this book as the primary text for a master's-level Substance Use Disorders course and a postgraduate certificate program for master's- and doctoral-level students. I could not find another text that was as practical and realistic about the dilemmas of working with clients with SUDs. The second edition retains all the strengths of the first—such as optimism about the possibility of recovery, centrality of the therapeutic relationship, detailed clinical guidance, value placed on a range of treatments—while incorporating important new material. The authors' approach to relapse prevention contains a rich understanding of what pulls people back into using drugs and ways to interrupt this cycle.”

—Maryann Amodeo, PhD, MSW, LICSW, Professor Emerita and Former Co-Director, Center for Addictions Research and Services, School of Social Work, Boston University