Social and Emotional Skills Training for Children

The Fast Track Friendship Group Manual

Karen L. Bierman, Mark T. Greenberg, John D. Coie, Kenneth A. Dodge, John E. Lochman, and Robert J. McMahon

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July 24, 2017
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June 14, 2017
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
“Based on what works, this is a well-designed, high-quality program for systematically promoting social and emotional competence in children and improving their behavior. Over my 40 years as an educator, I have seen how difficult it is to provide the support that peer-rejected children need to succeed in relationships and at school. Friendship Group is a great example of translational research that results in effective, user-friendly school-level strategies. Having witnessed the program in action while it was being developed and tested, I am so pleased that these tools and guidance are now available to a wider audience of professionals. I have observed the positive changes in children who needed our help and who had the opportunity to participate in Friendship Group.”

—Judith Nuss, MA, independent consultant and former Director of Social and Emotional Learning, Harrisburg School District, Pennsylvania

“A clear, concise manual for a well-tested group program for children with behavior and social relationship problems. Schools, after-school programs, and child-serving agencies will find a sound rationale along with specific activities and valuable guidance on how to ensure the best group processes and outcomes. The book accessibly describes each session, with attention to how sessions build on prior ones. The tools provided are attractive to children. Friendship Group should become a standard service in schools across the country; it could help to greatly reduce the number of children who are failing as a result of struggling with these issues.”

—Patrick H. Tolan, PhD, Director, Youth-Nex, UVA's Center to Promote Effective Youth Development, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

“This book builds on decades of cutting-edge research that bridges developmental, educational, and prevention sciences to promote the social adaptation of all youth. It directly addresses the need for evidence-based, manualized programs that focus on the child 'in context.' The book provides a complete guide to the Friendship Group program, including developmental foundations, program administration, therapeutic processes, behavior management strategies, synchronized home–school interventions, and instructions for conducting each session. The reproducible materials are of high practical value.”

—Thomas W. Farmer, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Research, School of Education, College of William and Mary

“Barnardos, which works with children and families in community-based centers across Ireland, has delivered the Friendship Group program for more than 10 years. This manual will serve as an informative, accessible, and useful tool for practitioners delivering the program. It is also an excellent resource for managers overseeing implementation and supporting fidelity; it clearly outlines the program's theoretical framework and gives comprehensive guidelines for implementation.”

—Suzanne Connolly, MSc, MA, Director of Children’s Services, Barnardos Ireland