The Fast Track Program for Children at Risk

Preventing Antisocial Behavior

Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group, Karen L. Bierman, John D. Coie, Kenneth A. Dodge, Mark T. Greenberg, John E. Lochman, Robert J. McMahon, and Ellen E. Pinderhughes
Foreword by Patrick H. Tolan

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October 30, 2019
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September 11, 2019
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Foreword, Patrick H. Tolan

1. Setting the Context for Youth Violence Prevention sample

2. The Developmental Model and Prevention Program Design

3. Project Design, Sample, and Screening

4. The Fast Track Intervention in the Elementary School Years

5. Impact of the Fast Track Intervention during the Elementary School Years

6. The Fast Track Intervention in Middle and High School

7. Outcomes during the Middle School and High School Years

8. Major Prevention Outcomes

9. Implications for Developmental Theory and Research on the Prevention of Violence

10. How Can Communities Address the Problem of Future Violence by Focusing on High-Risk Young Children?