The First Interview

Fourth Edition

James Morrison

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April 22, 2014
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Introduction: What Is Interviewing?

1. Openings and Introductions

2. Chief Complaint and Free Speech

3. Developing Rapport

4. Managing the Early Patient Interview

5. History of the Present Illness

6. Getting the Facts about the Present Illness

7. Interviewing about Feelings

8. Personal and Social History

9. Sensitive Subjects

10. Control of the Later Interview

11. Mental Status Exam I: Behavioral Aspects

12. Mental Status Exam II: Cognitive Aspects

13. Signs and Symptoms in Areas of Clinical Interest

14. Closure

15. Interviewing Informants

16. Meeting Resistance

17. Special or Challenging Patient Behaviors and Issues

18. Diagnosis and Recommendations

19. Sharing Your Findings with the Patient

20. Communicating Your Findings to Others

21. Troubleshooting Your Interview

Appendix A. Summary of the Initial Interview

Appendix B. Descriptions of Selected Disorders

Appendix C. Sample Interview, Written Report, and Formulation

Appendix D. A Semistructured Interview

Appendix E. Assessing Your Interview

Appendix F. Bibliography and Recommended Reading